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3Month5Monday morning,In this beautiful season of spring,Mould and intelligent manufacture industry personnel training cooperation in running schools framework agreement signing ceremony held successfully,Dongguan horizontal drain the township government、Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co., Ltd、Mechanical mold association for the advancement of science and technology of guangdong province tripartite agreement,Common construction institute of mould、To carry out skills training、Mould of market-oriented operation。
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In the near future,Silver baoshan new preparation,Around the car lightweight and advanced mold manufacturing technology such as theme,With the perfect mould manufacturing service solutions successively appeared in Mexico、Japan、Such as Germany, mold professional exhibitions abroad,And in the exhibition more than the same period the customer communication activities,To deepen the key customer relationship、Excavate the potential customers to lay a solid foundation。
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Okokokokok!Silver baoshan new qian afforestation technology of the latest research and development,In the textile big useful in tengger side whipstitch commonweal project to plant trees,The soil in the desert10Seconds to plant a tree,Greatly improve the efficiency of planting trees,The user high praise!What?In addition to auto mould、Intelligent manufacturing products,Baoshan is also new developing afforestation technology of silver?That's right!With plastic and hardware structure of the one-stop service design manufacturing capacity,Silver baoshan new for many years won the large number of communications and consumer electronics industry's top customers trust and support,Manufacturing desert planting tools so simple a metal piece nature。
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5Month24Monday morning,Dongguan municipal party committee secretary、Zhizhou, director of the standing committee in the city bureau department leader、Secretary of the horizontal drain ZhenWei winkle yao、Accompanied by the mayor Zhao Zhijia investigation in horizontal drain town,Came to the guangdong silver baoshan new technology co., LTD. Research industry development situation,Silver baoshan new group President hu as atlas、Guangdong silver treasure chairman WeiJunJun hospitality research team。
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