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  Yichang nine ceramics co., LTD., hubei hua Lin Lin new building materials group members of the enterprise,Located in hubei YuanAn Lin Jiancai industrial park,South industrial park is located in the hometown of wishing to hubei yuanan HuaLinSi Town。Lotus to program by first class road、Powcan to yichang expressway through the industrial park,The company is apart from the three gorges international airport70Kilometers,From the Yangtze river golden waterway60Kilometers,The traffic is very convenient。

  Companies committed to the development of roofing materials、Development and production,Cover an area of an area150m,Now has the most advanced automatic production line for European new ceramic tile,Annual production of ceramic tile1.2One hundred million pieces and accessories1Tens of millions of pieces。

  Nine Lin ceramics,Experience is long cover is new。After dental laboratories,In one hundred, the same quality。Nine purple sand color porcelain tile with Lin“Nine long series”、“Diamond series”Two series of products,Divided into“Nine Lin”“Hua Lin”、“The giant kay”、“Lucky big”、“Conger”Five major brands。Companies using high quality raw materials,The new type of wet granulation technology,Scientific formula,Lean production,Product quality is good,Elegant shape,Complete specifications,Glaze color is rich,Asbestos sheets、Color tile cement、The traditional glazed tile renewal ideal varieties,Widely applicable to beautify the town and the new rural construction。

  Companies adhering to the“Pragmatic、The good faith、Professional dedication、Innovation”The spirit of enterprise,In line with“The quality for this,Everything for the customer”The management idea,Always insist on quality as the center,Take the market as the guidance,Constantly develop new products,Constantly improve the quality of the product,Meet the needs of customers。

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